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At Valtin Apparel, we make custom hoodies just for your brand. Need hoodies fast and hassle-free? We’ve got you covered with top-quality production to help your brand stand out. Let’s create something awesome together!

Looking to Launch An Hoodie Line?

Hoodies and sweatshirts are fashion staples, embraced by both street-wear and high fashion brands. At Valtin Apparel, we create custom hoodies and sweatshirts tailored to your design specifications. Enjoy complete flexibility with our wide range of fabric, color, and fit options to bring your vision to life.

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Why Choose Valtin Apparel?

At Valtin Apparel, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality custom hoodies and sweatshirts that meet your exact specifications. We control every aspect of our production process, from design to shipping, ensuring you can rely on our expertise and commitment to excellence in every piece we create.

Fast Sample Making

Our sample delivery time is just 7-15 days, ensuring you can swiftly bring your hoodie designs to life.


We offer a low MOQ of just 200 pieces per style and color.

Competitive Price

We can work out the most cost-effective solution for your budget and needs.

Customization Options

Our range of garment finishing processes includes digital printing, heat transfer printing, embroidery, foam printing, and more.

Quality Hoodie Materials

Our diverse fabric selection—Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Jersey, and French Terry—is chosen for exceptional qualities ensuring durability, comfort, and style.

Customer Service

All your inquiries and questions will be dealt with promptly and professionally.

Custom Hoodie Finishing Processes


Screen Printing

Screen printing originated in China and has a development history of two thousand years. The principle of the process is that the ink is funneled through the mesh of the printing plate onto the fabric. The advantage is low cost and suitable for mass production; the disadvantage is that it takes a long time to make the mold, and once the mold is made, the pattern cannot be modified.


Foam Printing

Foam printing, also known as puff printing, is a textile printing technique that creates a raised, three-dimensional effect by using plastisol-based ink mixed with a foaming agent. This ink expands when heated, adding texture and dimension to designs on apparel and decorative items. While it offers visual appeal and versatility, foam printing can alter the fabric’s feel, requires precise heat application for consistent results, and tends to be more expensive than standard screen printing due to the specialized process.

Plastisol Printing

Plastisol printing is a popular textile printing method that uses plastisol ink, made from PVC particles in a plasticizing emulsion, applied through a screen stencil onto fabric and cured with heat. Known for its durability, vibrant colors, and versatility on various fabrics, plastisol printing is widely used in the apparel industry, especially for t-shirts and hoodies. However, the prints can feel heavy or rubbery and may reduce the fabric’s breathability.


Digital Printing

Digital printing is a modern textile printing technique that uses specialized inkjet printers to apply designs directly onto fabric, allowing for high-resolution images with intricate details and vibrant colors. This method is fast, flexible, and ideal for short runs and custom orders. While it offers eco-friendly benefits and customization options, it can be more expensive for large production runs and requires compatible inks and fabrics for optimal durability.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is a versatile method that uses heat and pressure to transfer designs from special transfer paper or vinyl onto fabric or other materials. This process allows for high-quality, detailed, and vibrant prints, making it ideal for custom apparel, accessories, and home decor items. It is cost-effective for small runs and offers great customization. However, the prints may not be as durable as screen prints and can alter the feel of the fabric, and the method is unsuitable for heat-sensitive materials.



Embroidery on hoodies involves stitching intricate designs, logos, or text onto the fabric using specialized embroidery machines. Embroidery offers a durable, professional, and customizable finish, though it is generally more expensive and time-consuming compared to other printing methods. It is ideal for thicker fabrics like cotton and polyester.

Hoodie Embossing


Embossing on hoodies is a technique that creates raised designs or patterns by using heat and pressure to press a mold onto the fabric. This process results in a textured, visually appealing effect that enhances the garment’s appearance. It is ideal for adding unique and durable designs, such as logos or intricate patterns, to thicker fabrics like cotton or polyester. While embossing offers a high-end look.


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