Frequently Asked Questions

In the realm of apparel manufacturing, let’s address the fundamental queries.

For emerging clothing brands, particularly those in their start-up phase, venturing into the world of fashion manufacturing can be a complex journey. With numerous considerations and queries likely to arise, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address some of the core aspects of apparel manufacturing and the services we offer. We kindly request that you peruse this page for answers to your inquiries before reaching out to us.

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Order Basics

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) required?

The minimum order requirements are 200 pieces per COLOUR for 1 DESIGN.

For custom-developed fabrics, the minimum order starts from 1500 meters to 2000 meters per fabric type.

What is your average cost of production?

The cost of production depends on various factors including the type of fabric, the quantity, and the process required for the garment. On average, our clients often allocate budgets ranging from $6,000 for a t-shirt collection to $8,000 for hoodies comprising 400 pieces.

What are your typical lead times for clothing production?

The time needed for prep work varies from person to person However, when the pre-production samples are confirmed, the production time is basically around 25 days.

What are your shipping options and time?

We offer different delivery options to suit your budget or requirements.

We use various shipping providers like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and & trusted freight forwarders to ship your orders by either air or sea freight.

For larger orders weighing over 100kg or consisting of 600 pieces or more, we extend the option of cost-effective sea freight to select destinations.

Please keep in mind that delivery times fluctuate depending on the destination, and it’s important to note that sea freight typically requires more time for delivery compared to air freight.

Are there any specific types of garments that you do not produce?

No gowns or bridal

No infant wear

No skiing gear

No lingerie or underwear

Apparel and Garments

What is included in full production packages?

Full Package Manufacturing or Full-Service Manufacturing is a complete manufacturing solution from start to end.

It Includes assistance in the following areas:

  • Consultation
  • Sourcing
  • Product Development
  • Prototyping/Sampling
  • Bulk Production
  • Quality Inspection
  • Shipping

What are tech packs and why are they required?

In garment manufacturing, tech packs, or technical packages, are crucial documents that contain detailed instructions and specifications for creating clothing items or accessories. They are essential because they:

  1. Provide precise design details, dimensions, and measurements.
  2. List required materials, trims, and components.
  3. Explain construction techniques and finishing methods.
  4. Include grading rules for different sizes.
  5. Present a Bill of Materials (BOM) for cost estimation.
  6. Specify quality standards for consistent production.
  7. Serve as a communication tool among stakeholders.
  8. Aid in sample development and production consistency.

Tech packs ensure that everyone involved in the manufacturing process understands and follows the design and quality standards, leading to successful and consistent production in the garment industry.

Can you help me create tech packs?

Certainly, we have expertise in producing tech packs for a variety of product categories, and we can certainly assist you with that.

Should I supply garment measurements?

Providing garment measurements would be highly beneficial in ensuring accurate sample creation and minimizing communication errors. This proactive step can also contribute to reducing lead times and avoiding delays in the process.

Do you offer pre-existing patterns or designs for use?

We do not have any pre-existing patterns or designs available, as each order is customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Designs and Samples

Can you create designs for me?

Yes, we can assist you in creating designs based on your sketches or images of styles you like.

Are my designs protected?

Rest assured, we do not sell or disclose your designs to other customers. We are also willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to guarantee the confidentiality of your information, ensuring that your designs and details will not be shared with any other clients.

How much do you charge for samples?

Sample charges depend on the design and complexity, it will be easier to get a whole overview of the cost after we review your designs or images.

What if I don’t like the sample you send me?

If you don’t like the samples, we can adjust them accordingly to your requirements and remake another sample that will be sent again for your review.

Can I terminate our partnership if I’m dissatisfied with the samples?

You have the option to end our partnership if you are not satisfied with the resamples. However, once production is confirmed, cancellation is not possible. Typically, it takes two rounds of samples to ensure all the details are correct for production.

Bulk Production

Is your factory ethical?

Yes, our commitment to ethical and fair trade practices is unwavering to ensure the well-being of workers and the responsible use of natural resources in our clothing manufacturing process.

Our factories strictly adhere to fair labor practices, prohibiting forced labor. Workers are not compelled to work overtime against their will, and when they do work overtime, they receive additional compensation.

Moreover, our manufacturing facilities prioritize worker safety and well-being. They are equipped with proper lighting and sanitation facilities. Working conditions and equipment are designed to be as safe as possible to prevent work-related injuries. Examples include the absence of exposed electrical wiring or sockets, adequate spacing between workstations, and the availability of safety equipment such as steel mesh, gloves, and facemasks for use.

Do you collaborate with third-party suppliers?

Certainly, we engage with third-party suppliers and service providers for certain processes such as printing, embroidery, washing, and label.

Why is there a slight color difference in the same fabrics from different batches or orders?

The majority of our orders are crafted using in-stock fabrics sourced from mills. However, due to the time gap between when fabrics are purchased for sampling and production, it’s possible to encounter some tonal variation in color, typically within a range of 1-2 shades darker or lighter. Additionally, there may be variations in fabric weight, typically within +/- 10%.

What is the procedure for receiving defective items?

In the event of receiving defective items, we will provide a refund for the affected pieces. However, it’s important to note that there shouldn’t be a significant number of defective pieces, as we meticulously manage each step of the process and conduct quality control checks for samples, fabrics, and after production is completed.